Winning a Jackpot City Casino Bonus with Loyalty Points

Online casinos are happy to reward those who choose to play on their site. They may choose multiple ways of doing so either classic games or modern games, with deposit bonuses, VIP rewards programs, random drawings, and free cash back on certain deposits. At Jackpot City Casino the most consistent players can earn special loyalty points that can be used to purchase whatever the player chooses. Options include free credits, cash back rewards, and access to free games.
Earning Loyalty Points
Players earn loyalty points in a variety of ways by playing blackjack. The easiest way is by wagering on their favorite games. Every time players make a single wager on any game, they earn a percentage of that money back in loyalty points. The more players play and bet, the more points they can win. Players can also earn a Jackpot City Casino bonus as well as loyalty points through various promotions offered at the casino's discretion.
Redeeming Points
Once players have earned at least 200 loyalty points, they can redeem them for a special . For every 200 points earned, the casino will pay back into the player's casino account a certain number of free casino credits. Those credits can then be used to wager on more games, or the player can choose to withdraw the money as cash. That way, even when players lose, they can win.
Players may find there are some limitations on their loyalty rewards. For example, wagers made with credits earned through a sign-up bonus will not count toward the player's loyalty points. There also may be some wagering requirements before players can withdraw their cash back rewards. Players may also forfeit any cash back rewards and payment methods or winnings if they do not claim the full amount within six months of receipt. Additional terms and conditions may be added at the casino's discretion.